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Admission Process

Joining Lets All Learn Together is a straightforward and transparent process designed to welcome talented and motivated individuals. Here’s a glimpse of our admission steps:


Explore Programs

Discover the diverse range of programs we offer. Find the one that aligns with your passion and career goals.


Application Submission

Complete our online application form, providing essential details about your academic background and personal aspirations.


Review and Evaluation

Our admissions team carefully reviews each application, considering academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal statements.



Some programs may require an interview to better understand your goals and assess your fit for the program.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We understand that education is an investment. Explore our various financial aid options and scholarship programs designed to support deserving students.

Financial Aid Overview

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid: Approximately 65%

Mission: We are dedicated to ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality education. Our robust financial aid program supports a significant percentage of our student body.

Undergraduate Support

Tuition Coverage: For undergraduates with family incomes below $150,000.

Comprehensive Support: Students with family incomes below $100,000 receive coverage for both tuition and room/board.

Graduate Aid

Eligibility: Available based on both available funds and academic merit.

Commitment: We recognize the importance of supporting graduate students in their pursuit of advanced education. Aid packages are crafted to assist in making postgraduate studies financially viable.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Criteria: Awarded to students based on exceptional academic achievements, leadership, and other outstanding accomplishments.

Application Process: Applicants are automatically considered during the admission process.

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